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Enrollment is open to all children, regardless of race, color or creed. Apple of Your Eye is a State Licensed facility, accepting children ages six weeks through kindergarten. Enrollment is subject to availability of space, a medical examination form completed by the child’s physician and completion of other enrollment forms.

Arrival and Departure:

Children will need to be signed in and out daily. These sheets are located in the child’s classroom. Please leave any special instructions in writing with the child’s teacher. Only AUTHORIZED PERSONS, indicated in the child’s file, will be allowed to pick up that child. Photos and driver’s licenses will be used for identification. The Center should be notified if child will be absent.


A written notice of at least two weeks must be given to the director. No refund of tuition paid will be given if proper notice was not received.


A child’s birthday is a very special day to him/her. Treats from home are welcome. The teacher should be notified when sending special treats.

Field Trips:

All field trips will be announced ahead of time. Written authorization must be granted in advance. Parents and relatives are always welcome to attend.

Parent-Teacher Conferences:

All parents will be given the opportunity to have a conference with the child’s teacher, twice each school year, regarding the child’s progress.


Young children need limits set on their behavior until they are able to set limits for themselves. These limits should guide them toward acceptable behavior rather than focus on what is unacceptable. Discipline is the process through which a child learns to behave in a reasonable and safe way and to respect others feelings and property. There will be times when a child will act in an unacceptable way. The teacher will then try to re-direct the negative behavior. If this attempt is unsuccessful, the child will have a “time-out” until he/she calms down. Children will never be disciplined through corporal punishment.