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Video Tour

Take a video tour of the facilities of Apple Of Your Eye Learning Center. Fly through the learning center and learn more why kids at Apple can’t wait to go to school!

Our Staff is Interested in the Total Unique Growth and Development of Each Child.

We believe children have individual strengths and weaknesses, yet share certain needs. Believing that children learn through play, we plan our curriculum within a caring, creative environment, allowing the children to grow and develop through each stage of their life. There are many important things for your child to learn in the years between birth and entering school. It is a time when children are developing control of their body, feelings, thoughts and actions.

3yr Old's Curriculum   4yr Old's Curriculum

Our program is developed around the following
areas for each child’s progress:

Physical Development

 – Developing fine gross motor skills
– Learning good health and safety habits
– Developing hand and body coordination

Intellectual Development

– Learning to solve problems
– Developing language and communication skills
– Learning creative skills through dramatic play, blocks,
art, table toys, science, music and cooking

Emotional Development

– Developing a positive image of themselves and others
– Developing a sense of responsibility

Social Development

– Learning to share
– Learning to interact with others
– Learning to gain self-control
– Learning to cope with problems


Parents are an important part of Apple of Your Eye Learning Center. We strive to work closely with the parents and maintain open communication regarding each child’s progress. Parents are always welcome to visit, ask questions and offer suggestions.